Our commitments

The story of the Green Hummingbird

Ouela, from its origin “Huella” in Spanish means footprint 👣.

For Ouela it is important to think differently is to review sports tourism is to engage in an eco-responsible approach.

Thus our name resonates by the positive footprint we want to leave on people while respecting nature with a low carbon footprint ♻

Through our stays we want to make people aware of sustainable development and bring them solutions on their responsibilities while bringing them closer to nature thanks to the premises, accommodations, restaurants and outdoor sports activities🏔

The hummingbird shows you the way, and guides you to be Ouela! 🦜

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Background-right - Ouela

The 2 Hummingbird Objectives



Developing responsible low impact travel packages!

  • Responsible accommodation & catering
  • Trainers aware of environmental issues
  • Low environmental impact trips


Raising awareness and educating companies and freelancers on eco-responsibility through outdoor sports

  • Outdoor activities to raise awareness
  • Awareness-raising supervisors
  • Educate rather than guilt-trip

Discover the sports flashback of the hummingbird during our stays ….



Develop travel and training trips accessible to all!

  • Adapted accommodations
  • Sensitized trainers and supervisors
  • Adapted activities


Inclusion through the practice of outdoor sports

  • Awareness-raising outdoor activities
  • Practice of outdoor sports for personal development

Our approaches

CSR approaches

An environmental and social vision

Eco-team member's charter

To be a company with a mission and meaning to raise awareness

Nos hébergements sont choisis en fonction de leur engagement et leur impact sur l’environnement !

Our catering services work in short circuit with seasonal and quality products!

During our training and team building sessions we plunge you into the heart of natural environments to surpass yourself through outdoor sports activities to reconnect with nature!

All our stays are accessible to everyone, both the accommodation and the outdoor activities, supervised by certified instructors!

Before the departure of our stays we make sure that our participants use soft means of locomotion and we transfer them a charter of awareness on the good practices to adopt!

During your stay we will make you aware of good practices with local people and by practicing physical activities or even cooking!

After your stay we will send you a summary of the CO2 emissions produced by your stay and show you how these emissions can be offset !